R. W. Martin... not one thing defines him.  He's a brother, father, actor, comedian, and friend.  I’ve known R.W. for a few years now.  I first met him on the set of a short film I was directing. It was a collaborative effort between some local actors and the crew I’d been working with.  His role was only as an extra, but the energy and dedication he brought to the set rivalled any actor or crew member there.  He was one of the first people to arrive and was one of the last to leave.  Although his role was minor, he didn’t treat it as such.  His passion for filmmaking is inspirational.  For the rest of the night he was willing to work in any capacity that was needed.  He was invaluable on set.  That night I remember thinking, this is someone who truly loves what he does!  I knew then a friendship would be born.  It's a real pleasure working with R. W. on and off the set.  I look forward to collaborating on many more productions with him.


Jerry Wood

Zen and Chaos Studios



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