My Friends and Colleagues




Zen and Chaos Studios, LLC - Vermont filmmaker Jerry Wood.   Jerry worked with R.W. on a Music Video , and various other projects.


Davy Russell - Davy worked with R.W. on a a couple projects and


Stender Inc. - Vermont-based artist, filmmaker, and graphic designer.


Hen House Media - Production services for advertising, entertainment & corporate projects. Hen House has worked with R.W. several times.


JP Gagne - website featuring the video art and fine art of Jean-Pierre Gagne. JP and R.W. worked on Empty Womb


Patrick Borelli ,co-author of Holy Headshot, is a comedian and writer living in Brooklyn.


Douglas Gorenstein  ,co-author of Holy Headshot, is an acclaimed headshot photographer.



Aaron T Harvey - Founder/Creative Director at CommonGround Creative


Bill Kallay - Writer and President and Owner at Orbit Pictures


Bonnie MacBird - Writer, Producer, Screenwriting Instructor


Bruce Logan A.S.C. - Director, Writer, Producer, Cameraman, Director of Photography, Visual Effects


Bruce Rosenbaum - Steampunk Aficianado


Ben Tolosa - Actor


Charles Root Jr - Actor - Producer


Darrell Rooney - Artist, animator, director and author


Dave Danzara - Owner-Operator at White Willow Films and Film Producer at VECTOR INVADER Productions


David Gee - Stand Up Comedian


David Breaux - Sr. Animator - Modeler


David Arnspiger - Photographer


Jerry Rees - Director, Writer, Artist, Consultant


Jim Ross Meskimen - Celebrity Impressionist, Comedian, Actor and Speaker


Jon Bailey Crumpton - Voice Over Artist


James Goff - Stand up comedian


Kristopher Kyer - Acting coach


Max Petrosky - Prop Maker


Peter Gullerud - Artist


Piotr Michael Walczuk - Comedian, Impressionist, Actor


Richard Pryor Jr - Actor - Singer


Ross Marquand - Actor an impressionist


Scott Zillner - Owner-Operator at Brick Boutique, Owner-Operator at Robo Toy Fest and Owner at Powermorphicon


Steve Huszar - CEO & Founder at So Cal Lotus Club, Owner at Killer Rellik and Measurement Analyst at Kinder Morgan


Steve Sogura - Elvis Tribute Artist


Tim Kaminski - Stand up comedy and more

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